100 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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100 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

When it comes to outsourcing work to a freelancer, most companies get very excited about all the free time they are going to have and all the annoying time-consuming tasks they can pass on. However, the reality is that most business owners are so used to being busy and doing everything themselves all the time that they run out of tasks for their VAs during the first month. That is why it is so important to ask yourself how much work should be assigned to a freelancer and is this something that a freelancer CAN actually help with?

Running an outsourcing agency myself, I’ve seen many companies hesitating to employ a VA just because they think everything can be done by themselves or they are worried that the level of work they outsource may not be at an acceptable level. The truth is, you cannot do it all by yourself and leveraging your workload by outsourcing can be very effective if you find the right people and spend some time training them.

Here at AFA Technologies, we have created a productive working space called TimelyLab, where freelancers are trained for the first month of being employed. To ensure every assistant is an expert in their field, we organise side-by-side training and monitoring.

If you are constantly feeling stressed and overworked or doing the same repetitive jobs over and over again, you should definitely consider outsourcing. We have put together a list of 100 tasks that can be handled by our virtual assistants so you can get those precious hours of your life back and concentrate on growing your business rather than drowning in admin.

outsource to a virtual assistant

 Administrative tasks

  1. Data entry
  2. Data analysis and reports
  3. Calendar management
  4. Travel management
  5. Hotel and flight booking
  6. Event organisation
  7. Online research
  8. Market research
  9. Product research
  10. Create surveys and fill-in forms
  11. Creating and tracking Google Alerts
  12. Data mining and lead generation
  13. Lead validation
  14. Uploading information and contacts to CRM
  15. Creating charts
  16. Creating diagrams
  17. Converting and editing PDF files
  18. Preparing training materials
  19. Posting Ads
  20. Organising your Google drive/Dropbox
  21. Creating document templates

    Email marketing

  22. Filtering emails
  23. Sending email campaigns
  24. Responding to emails
  25. Setting up automated email processes
  26. Creating newsletters


  27. Creating themes for WordPress
  28. Installing themes
  29. Installing and updating plug-ins
  30. Uploading blog posts
  31. Editing and proofreading posts
  32. Moderating comments
  33. Incorporating web applications (e.g. CSS, HTML, Javascript)


  34. Cold calling
  35. Inbound leads
  36. Follow up calls
  37. Setting up sales processes
  38. Creating sales training materials

    Social media marketing

  39. Setting up a twitter page
  40. Creating and scheduling tweets
  41. Engaging with your social audience
  42. Researching relevant trends and hashtags
  43. Creating and posting regular Facebook posts
  44. Setting up a Facebook business page
  45. Joining Facebook groups to engage with other members
  46. Creating and managing LinkedIn account
  47. Sending and responding to messages on LinkedIn
  48. Creating and managing groups on LinkedIn
  49. Joining other relevant groups and conversations on LinkedIn
  50. Posting on Pinterest
  51. Liking and pinning posts on Pinterest
  52. Posting on Instagram
  53. Liking and commenting on Instagram
  54. Creating and posting Youtube videos
  55. Creating SlideShare presentations
  56. Managing Google+ account

    Website development

  57. Researching web hosting options
  58. Creating Web pages
  59. Creating websites
  60. CSS and HTML changes/customisation
  61. Setting up e-commerce store
  62. Maintaining your website
  63. Website security and troubleshooting
  64. CRM integration
  65. Social media integration
  66. App development

    Accounting and HR

  67. Bookkeeping (Quickbooks)
  68. Creating invoices
  69. Sending invoices
  70. Chasing up outstanding payments
  71. Personal errands
  72. Creating and developing recruitment processes
  73. Managing employee benefits
  74. Sourcing and training new staff
  75. Financial analysis/report
  76. Customer support
  77. Call handling
  78. Answering support tickets
  79. Closing tickets and updating customer data
  80. Checking and replying to voicemails
  81. Handling live chat conversations


  82. Creating and editing videos
  83. Creating and editing podcasts
  84. Compose intro/outro for your videos
  85. Design landing pages
  86. Editing pictures
  87. Formatting e-books
  88. Creating logos and banners
  89. Designing infographics


  90. Researching most relevant keywords
  91. Analysing your competitors
  92. Analysing Google Webmaster
  93. Google Adwords report and campaigns
  94. Sitemap submissions
  95. Website analysis
  96. Blog analysis
  97. Off-site/ On-site SEO
  98. On-site SEO
  99. Link-building
  100. Guest blogging

If you ever wanted to “buy more time” in a day, hiring a virtual assistant is definitely a good start. In case you are tempted to give it a try, AFA Technologies can help you find a skilled virtual assistant who would suit your company’s needs. All you have to do is tell us your requirements and we will find the best candidate for you.

Outsourcing will not only free your time, boost productivity but also help you reduce staff costs. Now that you’ve checked the list, I am sure you found at least one task you would gladly outsource to a VA! If you know any other VA tasks that we haven’t mentioned above, let us know in the comments below and we will add them the list.

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